Researchers have concluded that towards the end of August and beginning of September is when most couples break up from marriages, or long term relationships.

Why is this?

Apparently the timing is just right. It’s not around Christmas, so there will be no guilt trips of hearing voices murmuring - “what kinda heartless person breaks up during Christmas and the holidays?” Also, during this period there isn’t so much friction about taking the kids out of school, moving them to a new habitat, or friction with any other major holidays.

During late August / early September is almost past summer, so the clears the calendar from summer vacations. And of course, Valentine’s day is a long withered memory, and there is plenty of time to find a new romance before the holiday’s…and the upcoming Valentines next year. And let’s not forget, some of us even love being single during Halloween so we can meet other people and socialize - so again, this time period seems to fit best for breakups.

And I should say that not only researchers have come to this conclusion, that this is the worst time of the year to be in a relationship that is not working out. I have heard myself from the many people I’ve talked to, or have messaged me, and they seem to concur to this theory with their own personal stories.

Now, if you are dealing with a break up of any sort… either from a boyfriend/girlfriend scenario, or a marriage, this is no laughing matter, but it is something that you need to work through and move past so you may continue your journey.

There are so many reasons why break ups happen; cheating, money issues, lost passion, and the thing is that we can’t change what has occurred. We can only find a way to make things work in the situation that we are now (or soon will be).

Betrayal does hurt the most. Whether it is from a relationships of many years, someone you knew for a while… or even from a new person you wish you could have gotten to know better.

At the end of the day, people make mistakes; many mistakes and some costly mistakes. We all learn from those moments… but we shouldn’t have to carry other people’s baggage of mistakes. If someone else made a mistake - that’s for them to own. There is only so much we can do for them, but ultimately we must look out for ourselves within our own journey, so we can grow spiritually and not be hindered by others. We can’t control the actions of others. We can only control the actions of ourselves, our spirit, and the energy we create.

One of the best things you can do is to stay away from people that drain your energy. This is because if you are around people that are giving out bad vibes, you will also subconsciously get infected by this.

Inner energy is contagious.

Even at the most subconscious level in which we are not fully aware of — such as when you are walking down the street, even with people that just walk by you, they are sending out, and receiving, energy signals. If we are not aware of how energy works, how it is processed, then we can become more affected by others; whether they are in an intimate relationship with us, or they are strangers.

This is why the Twin Flame concept is so powerful, because our energy is always looking to connect with others, and to the universe. And a Twin Flame connection is the ultimate kind of connection there is, when it comes to energy.

Turn the tides.

Putting things into the right perspective is not easy when you are right in the middle of a relationship break up, right in the middle of this turmoil.

One of the main ways that I like to approach any issue that I need to deal with is with…

1.  Reaching clarity

2.  Elevation

3. Gaining energy of light

Turning the tides means finding the right energy to make the tides not continue to push you down. Finding the energy that will make those tides of our ocean go our way.

Everything is energy within our universe.

From the worlds, to the oceans, to our inner light and darkness…  everything in the universe is made of energy. We are so used to seeing energy a certain way, and we give greater belief to things that we can see than to those that we cannot see with the eye. Yet, much, if not more, of our energy exists within our spirit. I think most of us know this already, yet I think most of us have trouble finding a process that truly works best in utilizing our inner energy.

Whether you want to get through a break up, or whether you want to find your soul mate, or your twin flame…  synchronizing your energy to that of the universe will help you more easily achieve this.

In our life, things like love, success, wealth, do not really occur because of “luck.” They occur because well constructed personal and universal energy is behind it. It is when the universe syncs with our own personal energy that we will achieve love, wealth, and success.

In order of this sync to occur, you must clear out your energy blocks. The universe cannot sync with your inner spiritual energy if there are blocks within yourself. And I do believe this is one of the main reasons (if not the main reason) why so many people struggle through out life, and through a roller coaster of emotions, when it comes to love, finances, health, and achieving wealth.

Once energy blocks are cleared, this is when our spirit gains clarity and elevation. This helps our spirit elevate to higher energy, and our spirit moves away from darkness and into energy of light. This is where we attract love, wealth, and good health.

It’s all within your hands. It’s all within your inner energy.

One of the greatest healer’s that I’ve come across is Jeffrey Allen. He’s developed a process that works. If you want to clear your energy blocks once and for all, and accelerate your body’s rate of healing, then I recommend that you learn from him.

With Duality you will:

- Magnetize your relationship, or a new relationship, by synching your inner energy with another person that is worth of your time and value.

- Discover your true self by reaching clarity, elevating your inner energy of light, and synching that energy with the universe and others.

- Bring greater wealth, health, and love into your life.

I have learned so much from Jeffrey Allen that I highly recommend his program.