How to attract your twin flame


what would I tell my younger self if I could go back in time?

What would be the best advice I would give my younger self regarding twin flames?

Here is what I would say…

Seeking answers on an average earthly level will just keep you spinning in the same old hamster wheel.

A higher frequency that will connect you with your twin does exist… but first, you must move beyond the same level from which energy blocks were crated.

Model those that have achieved such a level of higher frequency.

Model those that have achieved such a level of higher frequency.

The twin flame journey does not have to be dark and lonely.

You will gain ascension eventually. I will happen for you and your twin.

What really reinforced this message within me is having just read a book titled “How to raise your frequency to attract your twin flame.”

And as you know, I rarely recommend anything through the 6 years my blog has been in existence, but this ebook opened my eyes regarding the twin flame journey.

It gave me such a fresh perspective, and even for someone like me that has so many years of experience in energy work… I learned quite a few things from reading this ebook.

That’s why I want to recommend this book to you by an actual twin flame couple. They are living and engendering the journey.

They will inspire you with their true natural gift of the twin flame energy they engender.

What you will learn frm this book:

  • How to stop making huge mistakes with your twin flame.
  • Focusing on manifesting a twin flame relationship into reality starting today.
  • How to break away from the fear and anxiety that often grips us.
  • A spiritual bluepint that works (they are both living proof!)

This book will dave you years of trial and error, pain and heart break.

If you need real guidance, and insights into what truly works within the twin flame journey, this is it.