What is a Twin Flame?

A twin flame is a spiritual concept that describes a special connection between two souls. According to twin flames mythology, it all started way back from the earliest of days, during a time when humans were created from only one source. That one source was split into smaller and smaller units down to two souls. These two souls will journey their lives here in the earth separately. The two souls are each others twin, but they are not halves. They are whole souls but they can only experience the supreme feeling of oneness and completeness when they find each other – their twin flame.

Can twin flames really exist?

Love exists through out the universe, it’s what echoes through it’s infinity, with vibrations that create eternal energy. Some of these energies are given to us through out many of our reincarnated lives. The gift is that of the purest love that exists, but it is also a challenge that was created, for the universe does not just give out handouts, and expect you to rest on your laurels.

How does the twin flame process work?

One thing to understand about the universe is that it is a busy body of challenges, struggles, and rewards. It is a spectrum of light, both bright, and dark, an infinite story that has many adventures. It’s wisdom is beyond our understanding.

One might speak of ancient rituals and deities, but truthfully, we can only follow our heart, and the vibrations that we send and receive from this universe, and entities within the universe. This is done through frequencies in which we seek to overcome challenges, find a core of mutual understanding, growth, and nurture.

Can the twin flame process actually happen to me?

The purpose of the twin flame separation of the souls is so that they can both learn and grow separately, to experience duality, and to act out different roles in which they experience different emotions. They can incarnate over and over to collect human experiences, and these are all in preparation for the two souls anticipated reunion.

Twin Flame reunions are the most satisfying and inexplicable relationships we can experience in our whole life as humans. It is a powerful mutual attraction, an attraction on a spiritual level which only the two souls can fully understand.

Yes, the twin flame process can actually happen to you.

Meeting your twin flame…

The feeling of meeting your twin flame is something inexplicable, but let’s just say that once you encounter your twin, you will instantly feel an extreme familiarity within that person. Your inner energy will be drawn to them like it hasn’t been magnetically drawn towards any other person.

The meeting of the twin flames is on an energetic and spiritual level. The two spiritual souls are made up of energy which have similar vibrations. Your soul will resonate with that other twin soul that carries that same vibrational code. This rhythmic vibration is how the twin flame souls are drawn to each other.

This experience will only come to you when you are ready. The reuniting of the twin souls is very much intense, and you have to be prepared to experience that spiritual intensity.

It is a rare experience but not at all impossible to connect with your twin flame.