If your twin flame is suppose to love you... why is that person running away?

We feel it so deep within our hearts the feelings that we discover towards someone that we met, someone that we felt was there all along in some sort of way... that being our twin flame.

We know that there is so much that we don't fully understand, like how the universe truly works, and how this energy that exists between souls, and particularly between twin flames... and how it all works.

Myself, I don't seek to know it all, but there are always certain things that just puzzle me beyond anything else. Of of those questions being...

Why is my twin flame running away?

I truly understand that there is a process, and that we are part of the equilibrium, even though sometimes we might loose sight of it.

Our twin flame runs away because we are all in a different journey, we are all free to decide what path we will take in life. Sometimes the path we take is different from that of our twin flame. And we have to realize that even though we've come across our twin flame and met that special person - it does not automatically mean that there will be high romance and forever love. To the contrary... it's a big challenge for many of us to deal with our twin flames.

Things can be quite complicated in our relationship with our twin flame but again, thats because our own personal journey takes us on our own unique path. And all through this we view time as something that is taking forever, time doesn't seem to be on our side quite often. But this is just the idea that we have to look beyond. Our twin flame is eternal. This means this union of two hearts that are part of the same chalice, the twin flames, do not truly operate in the form of time as we know it. Our physical bodies processes time, yet our spiritual being is far beyond that.

The spirit that joins the energy of both twins does not have to deal with life filled with time, mortal challenges, and daily occurrences. That spirit is one that evolves through the universe, through the beautiful light and calm that we feel from time to time. The same light and beauty that we know exists within our one true love and soul mate, or better yet... our twin flame.

Again, keeping things real -- we don't have all the answers, and I would be weary of anyone that tells you they know just how the universe operates, specially when it comes to twin flames.  For me, it's a journey of discovery -- not only a journey of discovery for my mortal self but one of spirit that travels beyond this lifetime.

Do I know all the answers? No.  But I do feel certain elements of what the true beauty of being part of a twin flame union is.

This much I know... I felt the power and beauty of what a true twin flame is. I see the pieces, they are all there, and I now all the pieces will fit... somehow.

Or perhaps they won't?

But what I do see and feel are those pieces that are part of something far beyond my understanding, yet it is something that we know exists and that we gravitate towards. And having a twin flame helps us grow, and truly understand and appreciate this energy that has been shown in our journey to actually exist.