Twin Flame Telepathy is incredibly amazing. Most people who have met their twin flame speak of an uncanny through process that keeps them in the loop of each other.

Sometimes a twin can be thinking about calling her twin flame, and right about when she is about to pick up the phone and call him... the phone rings and it’s them. This can occur at the most unexpected moments.

There should be absolutely no surprise that this happens, because at a core soul level, you are one despite any earthly afflictions or differences that you both may feel you will have.

It is known to be a guarantee that when one twin dreams of the other, it is because the other was thinking of them.

So how can you use this to your advantage?

• The best possible way to do this is to think of a thought that you directly want to transmit to them.
• Rub your hands together and create an energy bubble, you will feel it because you cannot close your hands in any further.
• Ask permission to speak to them, this is done best when the twin is asleep as you are able to access their spirit better.
• Speak to them directly, address your concern and tune in for the answer.
• Twin flames generally have a high claircognizant ability, so you will sort out the answer very quickly!

Twin flame telepathy is often very astonishing for people that have never encountered this type of connection before because it is so intense and encompassing, people often chalk it down to coincidence.

If you are with your twin flame, you will recognize this feeling pretty fast. They will often mention it to you, saying that they were thinking of you, and you will call them in regards to that. Cherishing this wonderful connection is amazing because when you connect, you WILL feel the pull, irrespective of how little or long it has been since you last saw them. It can work if you haven't seen them for 5 years, it can work if you haven't seen them for 5 hours.

Twin flame love isn't logical because it isn't something that you can explain to someone. It has to be felt to be understood.

Twin flame telepathy is often like wireless or blue tooth electronic connections, that connect instantly when you have the right password. In this instance, the password is the grid that both your souls are locked into. You naturally have access to the password, without knowing the password because it has already been coded into your system.

Twin flame telepathy is essentially a wireless connection between two people, which is incredible because you get all the perks free of charge!

How do you get to improve your twin flame telepathy?

The answer is very simple: Keep practicing as best as you can and over time, your twin flame will report that they have been thinking about you a lot more, and you will know that it has been working.

Enjoy the twin flame telepathy with your twin flame and know that you will always have a special bond with them!