One thing that we definitely fall entrapped into when we come across someone who might be (or we know it is) our twin flame, is that our energy becomes cloudy.  A simple "hi" turns into utter silence, as if we could not utter a word when we come across them, and we might feel our temperature rise, and not even know our street address!

This might be for a myriad of reasons that you might only know (it's different for everyone), but when we feel such a way...  we have to be able to come down to this planet and be grounded... unless you love that look of being perceived as if your mind is in the stars.

So what can we do about this utter inexplicable feeling that we come across? 

Such feelings and emotions are usually signals that either our body, our energy, or our universe is sending us. This is the person that we knew before in another lifetime, and now perhaps we will know again intimately in this life time. Yet you have to realize...

This is just scratching the spiritual energy surface. 

We are complex individuals and we need to be able to understand what our inner twin energy is telling us. If we are stuck in 3D, and not in our ideal lifestyle of ascension into 5D... we need to be able to first of all ground ourselves.

We all have energy blocks within us that if they go unnoticed will just continue to build up and up. When we come across our twin flame...  our energy blocks hit us with all that they have, and we won't understand what is going on. These are signals telling us that something that we have ignored for too long needs to change. Perhaps we have not paid attention and gained clarity on our own energy work and therefore when the moment of truth arises and we see a reflection of our inner spirit... it shakes us to the core.

How can we simply say hi to our twin flame so he or her ends up loving us? 

So this question above is written in tongue in cheek, because this is what we may subconsciously think when this moment arises. The questions that you really need to ask are more counter intuitive...

How can I change my inner energy so my feelings are not dependent on a certain outcome?

Regardless of anyone else's whims, how can I still maintain a sense of joy and inner clarity?

It all begins with clarity within sense of balance. 

We have neglected too far to be conscious and gain clarity of our inner energy.  Let me give you an example...  when we awaken in the morning  and have not slept too well at night but we have to get up and go to work... in the first few seconds of awakening we get a rush that is extreme. A rush of panic of being late, mixed in with lethargy, confusion. frustration, and cloudiness - or whatever you own personal energy might suddenly flush.

How many of us have actually asked...  

where is this rush of energy coming from?

How can I change it to benefit me... make me feel better instead of these sinking energy blocks? 

Whatever the answer might be... we have to begin by being used to asking ourself these questions. That's the first step.

Once we become more aware of our energy, where blocks exist, and where they continue to build - that's when we will be able to pinpoint where we need to gain better skills within ourselves.

Do energy work, meditate, breathing work.

Experiment and try out different things to discover what is most effective in order to clear away your energy blocks, and gain clarity, within yourself. Once we begin being more balanced and having clarity, and filling our cup with good vibrating energy - then we will be able to share that with others - yes, including our twin flame.

And I should add that part of this begins with letting go of selfish thoughts.

Don't take this the wrong way, we all have grained energy of selfishness that has been there since birth in order for us to survive and grow from children to adults. But now it's time to reflect the good traits we had as children and develop those, and lessen the bad traits of being needy, selfish at times, and distant.

I know that I am throwing a lot of different ideas out there, but ultimately it's about self growth and gaining light that we can share with others. In a nutshell:  once we add value to others lives, yes, even strangers, then it will reflect upon us. Those energy paths will grow stronger, and your darker side (one that we all have) will be well balances, and not swamped with burdens of unresolved issues.

So what does this all mean? 

One last point that I would like to make is that once you begin being more aware of  your inner energy, changing it and switching it when is not being productive, or creative... you will realize that we are part of a greater universal spectrum of energy.

That person that we wanted so bad... was actually in the end just a signal reflection of things we hid within ourselves now being reflecting in human form of someone else. We were scared of change, specially of inner energy change, but seeing it materialize before our eyes when we interact with someone else - we see that we must gain clarity and grow.

We discover that after all, whether we end up having a relationship with that person - or that person ends up hating us... it wasn't really about that person after all.  It was simply about our energy signals that we were ignoring. Growth that we kept putting off.

Once that clarity and growth happens within you, you will realize that we are capable of bringing joy and happiness to so many...  specially the inner child within us that needs it.

In essence - twin flame love is more powerful when we gain clarity of self and we see that reflected upon our twin flame. True twin flame clarity that helps us heal, love, and add value to the universe.

It's not really that person who is our twin flame that freaks us out... it is the reflection of ourselves that we see within them.