The difference between Twin Flames in 3D and 5D is somewhat complex and yet very simple. Most people in 3D might have never even heard of the concept of 5D, let alone try to live in.

Believe it or not, 5D is our actual divine birthright, but due to religious, scholastic, and societal norms, you often start to take on some very limiting beliefs on what you should and shouldn't do in this world.

This belief system then becomes your perceived truth, and anything outside of it becomes very difficult to bear.

When someone is trapped in 3D, negative thought patterns revolve around their world. All they can open the door to is hardness, sickness, and poverty. This is why the majority of people who have the affliction of not enough money, as well as lack and scarcity of it, are fully rooted in 3D.

In your spiritual growth you establish that there is something more than the indoctrination that your immediate society would like you to experience.

You align yourself with a deeper purpose and shed away anything that you don't feel is truth resonating within your heart. Other people ask you if you have fallen in love (bear in mind, they are asking about conditional love), and while they are right about the love part, they often can't imagine you have just fallen in Love MINUS a person.

Well usually, it is your twin flame that has helped you activate your 5D self, however after they are done activating you - you start to radiate waves of love everywhere around you without any reason whatsoever.

5D comes from love and 3D comes from fear (in a nutshell).

In being human, you will be familiar with both the emotions and how expansive love feels, and how restrictive and compressive fear feels.

Fear is a liar and it literally stops you from achieving anything grand with spirit in this lifetime, because you are busy living in the scared energy, which manifests more things you need to be scared of.

What is exciting and amazing about 5D is that when you start to live from love, your life starts to expand BEYOND it's measure - no matter what you are manifesting. You feel happy, excited and fun to be around. People LOVE being around you because you are vibrating at a level where it is so exciting to feel alive and radiant.

5D people enjoy better health and definitely give the energy of being in love all the time. That is genuine… because they are.

When you are truly happy on the inside, every single person can see it on the outside. They will ask what has happened to make you this way, because the feeling looks and seems magical. You become a beacon of light and an inspiration for anyone that is living at a 3D level, to explore and investigate how to attract some of this magic into their life.

The important thing is to get to a point that we are manifesting so many good and productive feelings (love, kindness, sincerity), that we don’t even think about it, it just comes to us naturally.

The hardest thing in being part of a twin flame union is when we first learn and realize that there is such a thing. We might become soul shocked, or have doubts that within this universe there is so much more energy, and a bonding, that we might not have had seen before us.

At first we consciously take steps to learn and expand in the world of twin flames. Yet, after a while comes a time when we grow within that journey without being conscious of it so much.

How can you get to a point where your Twin Flame spiritual growth is easy?

Spiritual growth becomes easier when we set forth the right vibrations within our daily lives, in our dreams, and through out our universe. If we have negative, divisive emotions in an instance of our day, then they can easily spill over through out our whole day, or even longer, if we do not find ways to correct those negative emotions.

Through out our days we will face highs and lows with our emotions and energy, but what matters is how we have proportionately gather ourselves in 5D that will make even the worst of situations morph into finding the right light, rather than having those negative emotions further spiral out of control.

5D is an illusive state but one that we can achieve and carry on with when we allow it to exist and vibrate from a place of kindness, curiosity, sincerity, and fortitude.

Emotions are contagious; strength builds upon strength, and kindness builds upon kindness. That is why you can manifest the ones you seek and allow them to build upon your 5D energy.

Your twin flame 5D energy will grown when you morph any sort of fears and doubts - into energy of love, curiosity, and understanding.