A few weeks back I wrote an email (and blog) in which I mentioned that the first time I became fully aware of 11:11 and it’s meaning was through a dream. 

And I remember sharing that dream, one in which I described my mother being present.

In my quest to more fully understand my energy, universe, and world of twin flames, there are a few pieces of the puzzle that are finally coming together.

This is something that has evolved from one dream, and then years later continued in another dream. Let me explain…

It all begin one night when I had a dream about 11:11, which at the time I did not know anything about.

Yes, most of us know that these numbers mean “awareness,”  and within the twin flame world these numbers mean awareness and ascension towards your twin flame union. 

So allow me to recall (to the best of my fading memory) what this dream was about. 

Now that I think back, it was a dream of me being in a room, and something was calling my attention - a piece of cloth was covering a glowing item on top of a table. It had this glowing aura to it that had my full attention as I moved in closer.  And then…

My mother appeared, and she was hovering in front of me, right as I was about to unveil what was hidden by the cloth on the table.

She then, in an admonishing tone, she told me to walk away and not unveil what was hidden underneath the cloth.

I was so drawn to this discovery that I was about to make… so I ignored her. My curiosity drove me closer until I slowly removed the cloth and discovered…

transparent numbers that were glowing and hovering in thin air. 

Those numbers were 11:11

Those numbers, even though I did knot know what they signified at the moment, burned into my memory. I soon snapped awake, and my dream was just a fading memory, except for the numbers that I still recall.

There was more to the dream, and perhaps someday I will be able to recall more of that exchange with my mother, and what she was saying about these numbers, and so forth, but in the following days I came to discover that these numbers had something to do with “awareness,” yet this was before I even knew about the world of twin flames.

It wasn’t until a few months later that I became interested in discovering the world of twin flames, and learned what the numbers 11:11 meant in retrospect to this world.

This was just the beginning.

My biggest revelation occurred a few years later, in another dream.

And guess who was in it?  Yes, my mother. 

I had a dream in which my mother was seating on a chair looking away from me, as I tried confronting her about something that was really upsetting me.

It was a dream in which I saw myself being young, about 12 year old, and in that dream I think I was trying to go out somewhere, and she wouldn’t let me. So I got angry and started an argument…  acting pretty childish, (just like many of us have when we are in our younger years and we challenge our parents authority).

I just remember being really upset.

Soon after this argument I was snapped awake from my dream, and I felt such a profound guilt of having this argument with my mother, that I put myself back to sleep (or at least attempted to) just so I could go back and apologize… which I did. I think that in my half asleep state I was able loose a little bit of the awakening awareness, and gain a little bit of lucidity, just so I could apologize, in my attempt to abate that feeling of guilt.

That was the extent of my dream when I awoke that morning - but the story doesn’t end there…

During that day I met a new stranger for the first time.

We were drawn to each other. The two of us spoke very frank and forward about relationships, almost as if we had already known each other for a long time.

There was just a level of understanding that was clear, and with a conscious awareness in the words we shared. Even though they were limited words because we had just met, and there is a certain way you talk to someone when you first meet them, yet, it was in the energy, that we knew that there was much more than what others might see on the surface.

And after that encounter, that night when I was laying awake in bed, it suddenly hit me…

In both dreams my mother was admonishing me. And the energy and vibrations in both dreams, even though they were years apart, felt exactly the same!

My epiphany was that in the first dream I discovered the meaning of 11:11 awareness.  And the second dream was a signal that I would soon be introduced to my twin flame.

And now I realized that this stranger I had met during the day was my indeed my twin flame.

The vibrations in both dreams felt the same.

The other similarity in the two dreams are those of my mother being present and admonishing me for something - which is a rare occurrence in my dreams. Perhaps in those dreams she signifies the journey from my child innocence into my own journey of spiritual awareness. And my mother is admonishing me in those dreams because she doesn't want me to grow away from being in a innocent child spirit state into my own individual journey away from home.

She is trying to protect me from the trials and tribulations of that journey. Not wanting me to face what darkness might come before me, or perhaps her spirit realizes that I now have my own spiritual awakening and no longer a part of her own. I've yet to fully understand this part, but I sense this might be one of the reasons.

Through the thread of the first dream, and years later, the second dream, I discovered my true twin flame.

From the moment I came across that person, I began recalling that thread and going back… to the night’s previous dream, and how that dream was connected to the first dream.

All the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. There are not all there yet, but it amazes me how this is even possible, this energy, and vibrations that 11:11, my twin flame union, and what the universe gives me.

Im not sure how my journey might end, or where I might be by the end of the year, yet its something that seems to have a life of it’s own.  Im just a participant that does not control, yet does not cower to destiny.  That’s the only way I can put it.

And this is the process by which I am discovering my twin flame.

I’ll leave it at that because it’s an evolving story. 

And I am not saying that your full realization of who your twin flame is, will occur this way. What I am saying is that there are signals in our lives, signals that most people ignore, but if we begin to become more aware of those signals, and what they mean, then you will be more equipped to translate their true meaning once you come across them.

There are signals all around us. Yours might come through dreams, and they quite often do for me, or perhaps through another form - through music, through life, through anything.  But once you begin developing awareness towards them, you will be able to more fully realize where they are hidden, and how to interpret them.

It took me a while to fully understand my twin flame signals, and that’s because it seems that there is only certain pieces of the puzzle that are given at a time, and once you get another piece at a later date - it is up to you to put them together and interpret them.

Others might help in trying to attempt to interpret their true meaning, but ultimately I feel that it is up to us to make that full realization.

I don’t have all the answers, but once I begin to see certain pieces fitting together… then I can continue to merge more pieces along my journey.

I hope the same happens to you.