All couples will always experience ups and downs in their relationship at some point in time. Twin flame couples are no exception. Their version of the “down times” is even more dreadful, even scarier than what most people experience in their most heart-breaking relationships.

If you are already in this phase of your relationship with your twin, when you constantly feel like you can’t handle it anymore, and you are trying to break away for good… then I would like to help you get some understanding.


First off, answer these questions:

Is this person truly your twin flame?

Why are you trying to get away from your twin?

Doesn’t that person make you feel happy?

Does your twin make you feel complete?

Does your twin flame has the ability to make you feel loved like no one else?

What is it that makes you feel like running away from the relationship?


Here are two usual reasons that cause one twin to run away from the other:

  1. Most of the time, the urge to run from a twin flame is not because of the lack of love, but rather too much love. When you have been with your twin flame for a while you might feel overwhelmed by them. These feelings come an go, and hopefully they won’t be prolonged in your own relationship with your twin. You might even feel a little bit freaked out at times when your twin seems to have some sort of magical powers over you… like the ability to read your thoughts, or when they can predict your next move.

These odd moments may occur often between some couples, and having the ability to keep your head up and deal with matters responsibly is what usually will get you get through them. Always be honest and frank, and be motivated by your overall vision of building your twin flame communion, rather than noticing so many differences that only lead to negativity.

  1. In other cases, the issues are more serious than simple annoyances, to the point that a break up seems to be the only solution amongst so much drama and fighting. The drama might even start over silly little things, but nonetheless, it can make one twin run away from the relationship. Issues such as jealousy,suspicions, insecurities, can be the root of such problems.

Between twin flames, fights just seem to be magnified. The runner twin might find it unberable and even begin to place blame on the other.

If you are currently experiencing something similar, just realize that all is not lost. Sometimes a separation phase is part of the journey between twin flames. Many have gone through this path and still managed to reunite.

Realize that the twin flame relationship is designed to be deep and intense. There may come a time when you feel like your twin flame consumes your every thought, your every desire. You feel so intertwined with them, and feel like there is no escape from twin that maybe you start to feel suffocated by them.

 Your twin soul has the ability to rattle you up. Almost as if they have the power to dig deep into your darkest corner and mirror those things to you.

Depending on the situation, perhaps this is necessary to surface in order to cleanse all those negative feelings that have been hiding within you. These can be perhaps caused by the karmic obligations accumulated through all your past relationships in all your past incarnations.


So, is it time for a break up with your twin flame?

What it comes down to is…

In a moment when you are able to grasp some clarity, that moment when you pause and re evaluate your relationship, you have to ask yourself some though and honest questions that only you can answer…

Is this person really my twin flame?

Is this person someone I want to continue to build a strong relationship with?

Does this person add value to your life?

Does this person drain you away to the point that you can't cope?

What happens when you try to break away and find someone new?

We are all on our own journey and for some of us it takes quicker than others to get to a certain point in life, to grow, to become more mature, and be able to share intense emotions with others without having negative feelings attached.

Perhaps if this is your true twin flame then maybe it’s not the right time for the two of you to be together. Maybe the two of you will meet again later down the road.

Or maybe it’s time for you to stand up and fight for your twin flame communion.

Only you can answer those questions.

Being honest with your self and doing some soul searching will help you find the answer.

We all face the crossroads in life, and when we do, it's always best to ask the tough questions and get an honest answer. Truth always comes to surface. It's just a matter of time.

Wishing you all the best in you twin flame journey.