On the journey of stripping back all the layers, and finally finding yourself, your twin flame may both come into your life as an interim, as he did mine, or come in fully and dismantle everything. For every person who has met their twin flame and thought “it can’t be THAT bad”, it will be.

Bad, in a sense of not that there is anything wrong. It is more to do with the fact that your divine counterpart mirror, triggers everything inside of you.

My twin triggered ALL unhealed divine masculine wounds inside me and in the first few months, it was a mix of euphoria, nervousness, happiness, and craziness. Eventually, the Universe separated us again, and I was busy working on myself.

I also know that I had triggered my twin in his own heart and Spirit, and did not want to rush, push, or frustrate him.

If you are reading this, please do not think that your counterpart isn’t feeling the frustration you are. They may have different ways of coping with it, however the struggle is there.

Now, healing from twin flame pain, is essentially simply being able to FACE yourself. In this journey, it is wise to switch of all external influences, media, gossip, news; and simply find ways to listen to your intuition.

In finding the practice of doing so, you will find peace and happiness inside your soul. As you do so, your vibration begins lifting and you’re able to really deal with all the fears, abandonment, and loss wounds that we can often store inside our cellular systems even from other lifetimes with our twin that affects us deeply and greatly.

Many articles are dedicated to runner and chasers dynamics, however remember if you are focusing on your twin, man or woman, you are giving them the power. And no matter what relationship you share with this individual, you have to remember that your counterpart does NOT want you to hand your power over to them. In fact, part of their natural presence is to trigger you, so that you’re able to do the work on yourself to heal.

After I met and spent time with my twin, he prompted me to look at ALL the places I was hurting inside and this is wounding from other lives, dimensions, everything. I had to go through all the phases of being angry at him, angry WITH him, feeling loving and forgiving thoughts, and doing so in a place where I could find that peace and happiness within myself.

I used a technique that I offer called Heart Wall Clearings. When I did them for myself, I was able to feel so many amazing emotions and allowed my heart to feel big, beautiful, and expansive.

Part of feeling this expansive energy, is actually a magnet for your twin. You are in their thoughts as much as they are in yours! Trapped emotions create an incredibly low energetic field and you can carry these emotions for years, without realising what is actually going on.

You do not have to struggle with this pain inside you. Instead, please thank your counterpart for helping you heal deeply from your emotions, so you can elevate!