Are any of us really certain that the person we think is our twin… is really our twin?

Perhaps when we first learn about twin flames we do not know for sure what the answers are, we can only respond to the energy that we feel each day and night, while we seek to find answers on how to discover our twin flame. 

What's important it's not whether you know your twin or not… what  is really important is your connection with the universe. Believe it or not, the universe guides us through our days and leads us to a much deeper meaning within our lives.

Through all our trials and tribulations there is a resonance in the universe that will carry on for a long time through our various lives.

What you need to believe is in yourself, and the process that the universe puts and works with you. When we feel that we might not have a twin flame, or how we feel at hour darkest days and hours, know that it all changes — nothing remains the same. It's all part of this process - one that is a continuance… not just through one life but through many many of our lives.

Perhaps at the moment you really don't have a twin flame with you… that doesn't mean that your twin does not exist within the universe.

In  your heart you will find the solace that will take you through this process to bring about peace, joy, and growth… it never changes, regardless of our age. What you need to do is believe in yourself, your inner energy, and allow your spiritual journey within the universe to continue to grow… as it always has. 

Love is not really dependent on another person or another soul…. that's the beauty of Twin Flames.

Love is dependent on you, and whether or not you allow the brightness within your heart, and your inner energy to grow, and when you share that beauty, and uniqueness with yourself, others, and within the universe. That is your twin flame. That energy that you give out without expecting anything in return. Your kind heart that vibrates within the universe.

And the universe will eventually respond and reflect itself upon you… and part of the universe will transmute to show itself as your twin flame.

The universe might respond in the form of another person, or perhaps just in the form of energy. Feel that good energy radiate within you. Its responding to you for a reason… because you put  it out there, and it's now returning to you, a reflection of your journey, your growth and good energy that you have given.  That is your twin flame… whether you are popular person, or whether you don't have anyone at the moment… you are never alone.

Allow yourself to feel that energy, and allow that energy to continue within the journey of your soul.

And I would like to point out that the reason why I mention this is because often times we get so caught on wanting to know and to find out who our real twin flame is.  And then when we find someone we see as our ideal twin flame, we go through the whole process and anguish of wanting to know for sure. 

Your twin flame is out there. That person will come to you one day and you will know for sure without question that this person is your twin flame. But in the mean time if you are not sure, like I mentioned above… don’t focus so much on who that person might be, focus on your process; on what you give out to the universe as if it was your twin flame because sooner or later that energy will reveal your true twin flame soul mate.

Sometimes we are so set on getting somewhere, and one day we discover that it’s not really the destination that counts, rather how we got there and what we experienced along the way.

Having said that I should also say that I know that many of you will still have questions and wanting to discover who your twin flame is, particularly, if one person you know might be  your true twin flame. Well, to further share light on this topic...

In the coming week I will continue to write in this particular area in how to discover if a certain person is your twin flame — what questions you should ask, and how to further approach your twin flame soul mate if indeed that is your one true twin flame.