Your twin flame will run for as long as they are unwilling to do their own emotional work to face every nuance, nook and cranny that they so desperately seem to want to run away from.

Understanding that your twin is so desperately trying to run away from what Divine source is asking them to face, is something that you cannot help your twin with.

For years, I used to wonder when my twin would ever come back to me and right now, after coming full circle—I am rather thankful that although I kept in touch, I don't ever really feel the need to unite with again.

Ironically, once I stopped running from myself and my own emotions, I felt my twin flame open up.

Be of the knowledge that your twin flame, cannot run away forever. You cannot outride or overtake your soul, it is who you are and your body is simply the meat casing on top of it. What is interesting to witness is that when you as the awakened twin starts to do your own work, YOU stop running from your twin.

A lot of people will hate the twin flame runner but the REAL runner is actually, You—the chaser.

Now, why does the chaser become the runner?

They are the runner because they are running away from their own feelings of how they feel despite numerous attempts of trying to be shown they need to work on themselves. The idea of a twin flame relationship is to always focus on yourself, because a twin flame relationship is ultimately a commitment to yourself.

Don't worry about how long your twin is going to run for, drag the focus back to yourself and ask yourself how long YOU will choose to run for. Remember, if one of you is running---both of you are. I used to know how challenging it was to really sit with my emotions and think and feel the emotions inside my own body.

On an energetic level, when you stop running away from yourself, you will find that your twin flame stops running away from you.

It is incredibly amazing and ironic however from personal experience I found, once I was ready to do the hard work on myself—the conversations I had with my twin flame in passing were much more enriched and deeper without the normal arguments and fights that we used to have to trigger each other's healing.

Always remember that your twinship with your twin flame is based on acceptance and unconditional love for him/herself and most importantly, for yourself.

What is important is that you don't hold the running against your twin flame and know the MORE space you give your twin (no contact, no obsessing), they will energetically feel a mismatch and come back to you, to connect.

Keep your boundaries firm and strong and dedicate yourself to your own healing and happiness. You definitely deserve it!