It is exceedingly common for many awakened twins to worry about their twin flame, especially in times of anxiety and crisis as we are seeing now.

Twin flames generally feel everything about each other, and there are things that can really concern you, about what is going on and if your twin is safe or not.

The first thing you have to remember that you and your twin, share an energy signature and frequency, meaning that worrying is simply putting a down payment deposit on a problem you may never have in the first place.

Often times, when you are worrying about your twin flame, you’re worrying about next contact, or…

Where you will see them again?

and most of all…

When you will finally get to be with them permanently?

The road of the union, is a challenge.

If the road was easy, the both of you would not have your own things to work through and your soul karma would not be achieved.

The focus about this type of dynamic, is consistently the focus on yourself. This does not mean that you do not feel the call and the pull towards your twin.

It means that you honor that call and pull, and allow that to guide you to work out what you can. This will be required to heal in the next stage of your own life.

Your twin flame will trigger many emotions inside you, as mine always does.

They can be good, bad, ugly, happy, painful, crazy, and, peaceful. As well as all the emotions that are within the spectrum of all of that equally, as well. This is why you simply allow yourself to stay put and calm, and allow the emotions to run through you.

The reason I say this, is because if you go haywire with your emotions, it will affect your twin as well.

Sometimes, out of nowhere, you can feel extreme levels of anxiety and confusion without anything being the root cause of it. This is often your twin flame feeling the worry and it is transmitted over to you.

This is why Heart Wall Clearings, are imperative. There are many emotions that can become trapped in ourselves as a twin flame that can impact the way that we show up in life.

Which is why I created a special offer for all TF Secret readers to access a unique way to have their emotions lifted and cleared in a way that is incredibly deep, affordable, and, most importantly?

Life changing!

Always remember that worrying about something activates a timeline in which what you desire, manifests.

Although, as I mentioned before, worrying is normal. The best thing you can do in this instance, is to keep yourself momentarily distracted and allow the worry that ruminates inside you, to bring you to a heightened state of awareness.

When you are in that state of awareness, many things that are causing resistance in your field will come up and you will know what is happening from your side, to rise up and heal into your power.

Making a list of what makes you worry about your twin flame, can heal your latent anxious attachment and allow you to feel so much calmer and more stable than you would have ever imagined.