The topic of forgiveness of your twin flame, is a key and crucial one.

The propensity to hold grudges against your twin flame is poignant, especially when you have experienced soul shock, and are separating from them.

Understanding that in order to give your own soul closure and move on, forgiveness is the necessary component to this. In Judeo-Christian folklore, forgiveness is seen as something that is a complete, and total absolute and needs to be delivered immediately.

When I chose to look at forgiveness, I see it as something where you need to achieve vengeance before you are truly able to let go of something or someone.

So, in saying this, how do we let go of someone who is the alleged part of our soul and walk away from them?

The simple answer is the fact that for a while, it is normal and even encouraged to hold the space for rage at the other person. Only when an emotion like rage can hit us, do we truly use it to become stronger and move forward.

Here is how the forgiveness process works:

Firstly, we need to understand that soul shock is a very real thing and we don't always have to gloss it over and pretend that nothing has happened. It is painful and very traumatic.

The forgiveness part comes when the enlightened twin often realises that you won't always have the 3D twin flame come out of their mess any time soon.

Forgiveness, as I have mentioned before—is a process. There will come a point in your life when you feel relaxed enough to shut the door on your twin flame, or simply let go of what they may have done to you. Granted, that doesn't come over night and you won't often find that you can logically talk yourself in to it.

However, as you find yourself making more progress in understanding yourself, the world around you, as well as how life works, you will end up forgiving your twin flame for staying stuck on where they are.

The trouble with a lot of 5D twin flames, is they feel that they need to get their 3D twins to do an incredible amount of work, especially when it comes to self-development. This is how you will end up resenting your twin flame instead of just letting go, and forgiving them.

Forgiveness to me—was different to what I heard everyone else say. I just felt light and free one day!

What is interesting about forgiveness with your twin flame, is that just like myself—my twin was the ONLY person I was able to forgive in this world. I am generally not a forgiveness person and if you punched me in my face, i'd break the arm you used to punch me with. However, one day I woke up and I felt absolutely nothing for my twin flame. No hatred, no anger, no resentment—nothing. It was like a clean slate! It felt magical and I felt like speaking with my twin again. Because of my twin, I know what forgiveness feels like and that is definitely twin flame love because being angry with my twin—means being angry with myself.

When you have ascended to a certain point, forgiveness as I have mentioned before—comes very naturally to you!