Can the passion between twin flames be re ignited once it dies down?

This is one of the most poignant questions that people have asked me over the years.

What is interesting is that the passion between twin flames won't always be high as people suspect, and expect to remain. Life, death, illness, all these things get in the way. And as much as you may feel for someone, it can definitely be dulled down. However, if you are true blue twin flame, that passion will always exist when you reconnect, because the heart chakra thread pulls you towards that person and you cannot ignore it.

The interesting thing with twin flames is that they are always energetically part of each other, despite how far away from each other they may be.

Passion is something that most of the time can be ignited by twin flames because what is interesting to see is that for normal couples, when the passion goes—it's gone. And the reason for this is because the passion with them is conditional. It is based on doing something for someone, and if you do not meet or match those requirements, you do not “love someone” anymore.

With twin flames it is a totally different story, because the love is unconditional, and it is very much based on the premise of giving to the other twin. In fact, it brings great joy to one twin to give to the other. Re-igniting that spark is rather simple, because as much as the passion may not be high at one point, it will always smolder in the background, and it takes just a few fans of paper, for it to set ablaze again. Most twins will attest to this, because their encounters and experiences are very much of the push-pull variety and the emotion is never flat.

You may find a set of twin flames raging and very mad at each other, but put them in the same room and it would soon turn into makeup sex, because they simply channel that anger into sexual passion.

The chaser twin has the tendency of thinking that once the runner has successfully ran away, that there would never be a point where the passion is rekindled again, only to figure out that a simple coffee turns into a night filled with passion and love.

The type of passion that twin flames have for each other cannot be described. It is literally encompassing and very distracting, because modern life isn't designed to sustain a couple that wants to do nothing but be with each other all the time. This is why a lot of twin flames simply make a conscious choice at their point of evolution to stay away from each other, as it assists the other counterpart to live their own life and live it fully. However, no twin flame reading this should ever worry that the passion has died out, or that it cannot be rekindled. It most definitely can, and no matter how cold your twin looks like on the surface, there is always care and love beneath it.

Go beyond merely seeing and understanding.

Often times we understand the twin flame wisdom that we have to work on our own energy in order to see that change and growth within our twin flame. We understand it, and we see it, yet often times we either do not know how, or we don’t execute those necessary changes. Specially when things go awry, and the relationship with our twin flame diminishes… we end up feeling helpless, wanting to find a quick fix.

There isn’t a quick fix. And sometimes external forces are not in our control, yet our twin flame is a part of us. So, when you work on yourself you are working on that bond; your energy, as well as their own inner energy. It does require work, sometimes a lot of work and dedication, but it is possible to make a change for the better within your twin flame.

Working on yourself and your inner energy will always benefit you, and your twin flame.

People that complain that they’ve heard it all before, and they want a quick fix to alleviate the pain their twin flame is giving them at the current moment, those people might create more pain within themselves, instead of finding a place in which they can build upon with their own energy.

It might be counter intuitive, but the more you grow spiritually, and as a person, the more you will find answers and light at the end of the tunnel.

Don’t let negative feelings overwhelm you. Learn how to heal, how to get rid of bad energies, and replace them with productive and creative light. And it’s not just about remembering these things but actually executing these actions each single day, at each interval.

Begin by finding a moment each day in which you bring light to your present life… and that of your twin flame bond.

This is how you re ignite the passion between you and your twin flame. Or if you are feeling somewhat doubtful… hey it’s at least a good start. So go for it.

Capture the light of day.