New Twin Flame Beginnings in 2022

twin flame ascension twin flames in 2022


As the new year begins, one thing that I gain greater awareness towards is that everything evolves, including energy… especially twin flame energy. 

One important aspect to keep in mind is that our perspective towards believing the twin flame phenomena will change through our journey.

Our twin flame journey is something greater than who we are even though it is a part of us. 

It has an amazing potential on how we are able to connect via energy with other entities… close to us and beyond. 

How does it work? Not really sure, but I know it exists. 

Nobody knows for sure, and those that claim to know the truth…  might not know the whole truth. 

But one thing I discovered is that… 

Your journey is not so much about believing whether certain things are real or not, it’s not about over-analyzing any part of the energy spectrum we encounter within our journey, but rather about the experiences we endure and learn from. 

It all further awaken us.

When we awaken our inner energy within… something magical happens. 

It can be so vibrant and it ascends through such spaces that it can very well draw us closer to the twin energy that also needs to awaken. 

Our twin flame feels our energy vibrations and either resorts to moving closer to us or running away. 

The nature of things is that we are either attracting or repelling energies. And these energies are the ones that sooner or later materialize within our living journey. 

Attraction or repelling will first happen on an energy level before it happens on a physical level. 

When our energy is in sync, both our ego self and our higher self, we will connect with the energy of someone else, perhaps even our twin flame.

Energy will vibrate and the response can be attracting or repelling for that time being. It does not mean that this is the final outcome. 

Here is one thing that can really help you in attracting and manifesting those things that are dear to your heart…

The vibrations you put out into your journey. 

But how do you do this exactly? 

Is it just about being cool and helping others out? Or is it more than that? 

Come from an understanding that this energy already exists. It is already in the realm of your universe. 

At times we seek it and at times it calls us. We can diminish it and we can amplify it. 

This goes for vibrant good energy and bad negative energy. And it is really more about how we perceive this energy and what we decide to focus on. 

Harmony will be amplified from chaos. It simply means that the different energy pieces will become aligned and ascend forward.

This is a reflection of our twin flame journey. Perhaps it might be chaotic at the moment, or stalled out… nonetheless it will find its way to continue its growth until it finds that order by which to develop ti’s harmony. 

It all depends on what stage you are in your journey. 

And sometimes when we think that we have hit a wall and there is no possible way out… that’s when suddenly a light will appear at the end of the tunnel. 

Simply trust that you can manifest this light.. Because you can. 

Do so from a place of universal faith, from your higher self looking down upon your journey. 

Feel that connection and amplify it. 

You will find yourself in light as you go through your transformation no matter how painful it might get. And you will soon see the light. 

May this be the year that you ascend towards your spiritual union.