I regret sending out that nasty angry text.


Should you cuss someone out via text today?

I told myself “don’t sent out that nasty text and cuss that ONE person out today.”

Oops… too late.

It happened, and then a response, and before you know it, a few texts back and forth… and all hell breaks loose.

Has this ever happened to you?

If not, then it probably will.

What do you do when people piss you off, or you feel so unfairly treated that you just want to go off on them via text or even Facebook messaging?

The truth is that it is natural to feel such strong emotions when it comes to essential areas of our lives… or simply when we are hungry because we are on some special weird diet.

It’s okay to feel certain ways but not reacting is a skill that if we master… it will pay off tenfold. It will bring us so much more rather than indulging in drama.

Someone once told me… You don’t have to attend every drama party you are invited to.

For some of us it's quite naturally easy to pass on cat-fighting-drama (not indulge in it), and for others, we grip our emotions, and ourselves in not wanting to respond… but at the last second -  that one text we send…. Breaks down all of our goodwill of holding off to reacting and getting into it with him (or her).

And yes, we can only be nice for so long to some people.

Here is a technique that has worked amazingly well for me…

Elongating any low vibrational energy.

Just imagine a piece of gum and stretching it out… the longer you stretch it, it extends. This is a metaphor for our inner energy… if we stretch out that low vibrational negative energy…. It becomes a lot less potent.

Don’t allow negative energy to get all bottled up inside, and don’t gush it out either.

Develop the ability to stretch out any negative emotions, pain, or hurt, so that it becomes less potent… in other words, don't allow those emotions to hit you like a ton of bricks - all at once.

Here is what to do with texting: Pause and hold off - meditate or work on your breathing for 15 minutes. Refresh your energy and wait before responding to that text.

Realize that the person not responding holds the frame and has the ability to shift the energy brought forth.

Calibrate your energy and focus on your personal ascension.

This simply means to not hold it all in, and not gush it all out either. Calibrate your energy by being well-balanced. Let go of as much negative energy as possible.

Any remaining low vibrational energy…. Use it as fuel to work on key areas that you want to be motivated towards, such as a goal you want to achieve.

Remember that more damage can be done when impulses and overreactions are not counteracted either through meditation, energy work, or even techniques described here.

And I’ll leave you with a really powerful tip…

Work on your breathing when possible. So much is dependent on our breath, and developing the right breathing techniques can help so much. There is a lot of information out there on breathing techniques. Simply try out a few of them and see what works best for you.

Make it a habit to take deeper more relaxing breathes on yoru busy daily schedule. And feel gratitude for all the good things you are experiencing that day... no matter how good or bad the day is going. 

I hope this helps

Remember to breathe in… breathe out…

And know when to text, and when to skip a text for the time being.

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