Having a twin flame is something that is very much both a gift and a curse, especially given how you feel for your twin on most days.

A lot of people think it is this miraculous, beautiful gift, and think that everything would be perfect, except that what happens is that because you are one soul in two bodies, it becomes very difficult to separate emotions and plus with all the triggers that you cause in each other, it can easily turn into the most excruciating and nightmarish type of relationship, because it is so simple to press each other's buttons.

It comes as a result of seeing that the “curse” bit of the gift that is your twin, (think of your twin as a reward actually when you are done with your evolution) and you get to live in peace and harmony with them, whether it is choosing to stay friends with that person, or choosing to start or resume a relationship with them.

Whenever your twin flame triggers you, think of it as something where you get to learn something more about your evolution, and get to refine yourself a lot more.

I chose to see my twin as a gift, although sometimes my twin feels like a course to me.

If you feel like your twin flame doesn't speak to you, and it's difficult—I totally understand. I often have the notion or belief that when you are done learning and evolving on a personal level, automatically you start to clear things out emotionally, and you find that your twin flame runner starts to approach you and comes to you with a much more clearer frame where they are very OPEN about their feelings. This is the hallmark of knowing that all the emotional work you are doing, IS affecting them.

Traditionally, I am the type of person who chooses to look at the glass that is half full and in saying that, no matter how rough the journey—you choose to look at your twin as a blessing, because they help unlock spiritual gifts inside you that you didn't know existed, and that were dormant.

It all depends on how you choose to look at things, do you struggle with looking at the glass half full?  

Or do you simply lament about the arguments that you and your twin have?

All in all, as a twin flame, sometimes it feels like a bit of a curse being touch with my twin because sometimes I want to turn the feelings off, but in my evolution—I learned to control them strongly, and channel them into higher purposes of feeling fulfilled with myself, instead of leaning on my twin too much.

Everything seems to come in waves – energy does not really stay at the same level all the time, it fluctuates. So if you have any burning questions regarding your twin flame – give it some time. Truth always surfaces within time.

Don’t feel as though you are ever cursed because the reality is that your energy is not just up to par, and needs to be refocused on a productive way to work out your challenges. Usually one of the best ways to work out any challenge, specially with your twin flame, is to start on working on the right things within your own self and allowing that energy to transmute over to your twin. And it will transmute, just give it time.

Your twin flame feels you and you feel them.